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The Gadget May Be Cool, But It’s Not Very Secure

Security professionals understand that the latest “cool” gadget may not be very secure. Most devices connected to the Internet of Things spring to mind. However, one cool new device feature—iris recognition—is specifically designed for security … and in some cases, this safeguard is pretty easy to fool.

Manchester Bombing Should Put U.S. Large Event Managers on Notice

The May 22, 2017, suicide bombing in Manchester in the U.K. continues to remind security practitioners about the difficulty of keeping mass attackers or those armed with explosives away from the perimeters of large events. Screening ticket-buyers at the entrances to sporting events and concerts is only part of the overall security posture. Vendors, transportation […]

OC Pepper Spray for Government Employees

Many public entities are grappling with the issue of their employees wanting to carry OC Pepper Spray for self-defense purposes. Some agencies allow some field personnel to carry OC, especially if they work in higher-risk public or taxpayer-contact jobs in the field, like parking enforcement, code compliance, park, forest, or water rangers, or lifeguards.

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Should Security Officers Help Police Officers in Trouble?

A shoplifter fights the police officer who is trying to handcuff him. A bouncer at a bar watches several drunk patrons try to disarm a police officer near the door. A mall security officer sees two police officers fighting with a group of gang members in the parking lot. When should those security officers intervene? […]


New Security Problems at the Library

City and county libraries, in urban or rural areas, attract a variety of patrons, many of whom intend to use the facility for its desired purposes: reading, study, and computer work or research. A small segment of people who enter the library can be disruptive and even dangerous, including: gang members, the mentally ill homeless, […]

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Does Workplace Drug Testing Need a New Approach?

The federal standard for employee drug testing includes these drugs of abuse: cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, Ecstasy, alcohol, opiates, and PCP. According to the White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy, while the numbers of employees who test positive for prescription and illegal drugs and alcohol while at work stays about the same at 4 […]

Cybersecurity Mantra: Assess and Test Often

Yesterday’s Leadership Daily Advisor discussed the increasingly corporate focus of cyber threats. Today we outline ways to beef up your own organization’s threat defense to help protect the most important information assets you maintain.

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The 2017 Winners for Innovation in Security

The Security Industry Association’s (SIA) New Product Showcase (NPS) recognizes innovative products, services, and solutions in electronic physical security. Technologies highlighted in the New Product Showcase are used in the protection of life and property in residential, commercial, and institutional settings.