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“It could never happen here” is not an acceptable attitude when it comes to emergency preparedness. Security professionals must be ready to work alongside other employees within the organization in the event of workplace accidents, medical emergencies, natural disasters, or incidents of violence.


International Incidents and Education Facility Security

As if security and emergency preparedness weren’t challenging enough at educational facilities nationwide, international incidents should now be considered as well. International students and study abroad programs all come into play—take a look at this slideshow for some tips from the National Center for Campus Public Safety. Adding International Incidents to Your Campus All-Hazard Emergency […]

Be Prepared

Is Your Workforce Prepared for Emergencies?

A recent study by Rave Mobile Safety demonstrated some significant gaps in emergency preparedness. While 87% of respondents stated that they were aware of their workplace’s fire drill policy, only 57% of respondents indicated their workplace had preparedness drills in place for events such as hazardous materials incidents, weather alerts, and active shooter incidents.

Prevent Violence and De-Escalate Emotionally Charged Situations

Emotionally charged incidents can occur in any facility, between coworkers, colleagues, or customers. While those involved should be able to resolve the conflict peacefully, there is the chance that others will have to step in to de-escalate these fraught situations. Are your employees or security staff prepared? The below slideshow from the National Center for […]

Fire prevention

Infographic: 12 Tips for Facility Fire Safety

While this infographic from Vulcan Fire Training is geared toward fire safety in the hotel industry, its lessons are applicable for any facility that hosts a large number of people and wants to be prepared in the event of a fire emergency.

Massive Recall of Kidde Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are an important part of emergency preparedness and must be in a proper working order at all times. A popular extinguisher brand, Kidde, has issued a recall of over 100 models with plastic handles—a defect has resulted in at least one death.