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Security is constantly evolving, and it’s important for professionals to stay up to date. We provide the latest news, opinions, trends, case studies, strategies, and legislative and regulatory developments that could have an impact on the field.

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IT Leaders Prioritize Security in Hiring Decisions

The shortage of qualified cybersecurity experts has been building for quite some time, and the effects are far reaching. The availability gap will only grow as security, cloud, and digital projects in U.S. companies expand. According to Robert Half Technology’s latest research on the state of tech hiring, six out of 10 (60 percent) IT […]

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The Increasing Importance of Security Integration

One of the best parts about gearing up for the Total Security Summit happening June 25-26 in Plano, Texas has been engaging with event speakers. The breadth and depth of their knowledge has opened the doors to some truly interesting conversations. I recently chatted with Terry Gold, the founder and principal analyst at D6 Research […]

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Report Shows that Manufacturers Have Been Slow to Adopt Internet of Things Technology

As technology developers continue to grow the internet of things (IoT), they create and provide new solutions that can help manufacturers improve customer service, field and plant maintenance work, inventory management, and more. However, a survey conducted by professional services firm Sikich for their 2018 Manufacturing Report found that fewer than 10 percent of respondents […]

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6 Reasons Why CIOs Need a Personal Knowledge Base

Most companies understand the need for a knowledge base—it’s essentially a virtual warehouse that stores important information, lessons, and tips your company has gathered over the years. However, just as important as it is to have a public, online knowledge base software, keeping a private, internal knowledge base is equally important.

Security Fever: NSA Releases Cold-War Era Internal Educational Posters

The National Security Agency (NSA) has gotten a great deal of press coverage since the turn of the 21st century. Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, and Reality Winner have all kept the agency in the headlines recently, after essentially operating in silence since the agency’s last big data breach scandal (The Falcon and The Snowman) in […]

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Researchers Discover a Low-Cost Attack Using Computer Speakers

A new paper from researchers at the University of Michigan and Zhejiang University details a new method of attack that has the potential to crash an operating system or disable a hard drive. The attack uses either sonic or ultrasonic frequencies played over embedded or inexpensive desktop computer speakers to disrupt the proper operations of […]

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Robots Need Not Apply

A recent study suggests that while automation will not be going away anytime soon, it will create new jobs that require new and different skills.

Infographic: It’s GDPR Day, Is Your Organization Prepared?

So, after two years the day is finally here. May 25, 2018 marks the rollout of the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), requiring a high degree of compliance from any organization handling the personal information of any EU citizen. The penalties are stiff, and have the potential to severely damage unprepared small […]

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The Future of Artificial Intelligence: Is Your Job Under Threat?

Since the dawn of machinery and the first flickerings of computer technology, humanity has been obsessed with the idea of artificial intelligence – the concept that machines could one day interact, respond and think for themselves as if they were truly alive. Every year, the possibility of an “intelligent technology” future becomes more and more […]

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Georgia Governor Vetoes Controversial Cybersecurity Bill

Cybersecurity companies in Georgia can temporarily breathe a sigh of relief, as Governor Nathan Deal vetoed the controversial Senate Bill (SB) 315 legislation on May 8, 2018. The bill, which passed through Georgia’s legislation with overwhelming support, would have made unauthorized access to computer networks and systems a criminal act and allowed hacked companies to […]