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Security is constantly evolving, and it’s important for professionals to stay up to date. We provide the latest news, opinions, trends, case studies, strategies, and legislative and regulatory developments that could have an impact on the field.

Automation, robots replacing humans

Infographic: Is Your IT Job Safe From Automation?

Talk of workforce automation is everywhere lately, and for many, the possibility that a robot will take over their job is increasing. Ioana Neamt, writing for Commercial Café put together a helpful report examining the impacts of automation on the top 20 white collar jobs. The study includes several tech careers, including information security. Take […]

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Not Ready to Make the Leap to Blockchain? You’re Not Alone

Over the past year, technology evangelists have pushed hard to expand the adoption of blockchain (distributed ledger technology) for broad-ranging enterprise solutions. What began as a tool to track and verify cryptocurrency transactions has become the darling new technology that will help solve the world’s privacy, security, and financial transaction problems. Despite these efforts, and […]

Power Plant

House Energy and Commerce Committee Passes Four Bills Focused on Securing Critical Infrastructure

On Wednesday April 18, 2018, the House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce passed four bipartisan bills with the aim of improving the government’s response to cyberattacks on critical energy infrastructure. These bills come on the heels of attempts by nation states and other threat actors to access industrial control system (ICS) networks in […]

ID cards

Deadline Extends for REAL ID Compliance

Most travelers have time to get the new high-security driver’s licenses needed to fly in the future. As reported in the Total Security Daily Advisor back in November, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) planned to impose the REAL ID Act in early 2018, but the new deadline is now late 2020.

Social media

Social Media and Security: Alerts and Threats

Social media plays a large role in the way many people communicate, and its security applications are becoming more apparent. Security professionals can leverage social media both in detecting potential threats and also to distribute alerts to the grounds, facilities, and people they are assigned to protect. The below slideshare from the National Center for […]