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Security is constantly evolving, and it’s important for professionals to stay up to date. We provide the latest news, opinions, trends, case studies, strategies, and legislative and regulatory developments that could have an impact on the field.

Top Ten Security Challenges for 2018 (Part 2)

The new year brings new security concerns, some of which are just different variations on a similar concern. Despite massive federal, state, and local law enforcement, intelligence gathering, and surveillance efforts, lone wolf mass attackers and cybercriminals continue to plague our nation.

Surviving Kidnappers Book Review

Olav Ofstad’s new book, Surviving Kidnappers: Precautions, Influence, Strategic Tools, addresses a security issue that is unlikely in the United States but quite possible in many third-world countries, including Mexico, Latin America, Africa, and parts of the Middle East, chaotic parts of eastern Europe, and Russia.

Technology Is Front and Center in Promoting a Positive View of Security

With proven solutions helping to eliminate obstacles in the growth of the market, the outlook is positive for security technology investments. The integration and interoperability of security systems remain a major focus of attention. Giving an up-close view into the products and services offered by the security technology industry shows their value in a clear […]