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Ohio School District Allows Teachers, Staff to Be Armed

In what is a growing trend in some school districts across the United States, the school board for the Georgetown Village School District in Georgetown, Ohio, voted to allow its teachers and staff to be armed at work. All staff members who want to participate in this program will go through a 3-day firearms certification […]

One Lesson from Manchester: Expand the Security Perimeter

The difference in the security in place at the Manchester Arena bombing compared to the “One Love Manchester,” benefit concert for victims of the Manchester attack at the Old Trafford Cricket Ground points out the importance of expanding the perimeter of security beyond the venue. Coverage is needed where large numbers of people gather, surrounding […]

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The Rise of Edged-Weapon Mass Attacks

A knife attack in China on May 28, 2017, left 2 dead and 18 wounded. Police say the 30-year-old man in their custody had a mental health history and attacked dozens of people along a roadway. Edged weapon attacks with mass casualties are more common in Asia because gun ownership is so limited. But in […]

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Should Security Officers Help Police Officers in Trouble?

A shoplifter fights the police officer who is trying to handcuff him. A bouncer at a bar watches several drunk patrons try to disarm a police officer near the door. A mall security officer sees two police officers fighting with a group of gang members in the parking lot. When should those security officers intervene? […]

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Does Workplace Drug Testing Need a New Approach?

The federal standard for employee drug testing includes these drugs of abuse: cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, Ecstasy, alcohol, opiates, and PCP. According to the White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy, while the numbers of employees who test positive for prescription and illegal drugs and alcohol while at work stays about the same at 4 […]