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Every organization has its own unique facility security needs, but the basics of gatekeeping are nearly universal. We take a look at all levels of facility security, including building access, protocol and procedures, visitors, security staffing, the common challenges for specific types of facilities, and much more.

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Campus Behavioral Threat Assessments: Be Prepared!

This primer on behavioral threat assessment covers important concepts as well as additional sources that provide best practices for security professionals. Remember, behavioral threat assessments are not only valuable for education campuses, but to all facilities that wish to be protected from the threat of violence. Behavioral Threat Assessment on Campus: What You Need to […]

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Surveillance System Upgrade Guards the Musical Instrument Museum

The world’s only global musical instrument museum, the Phoenix, Arizona-based Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) creates an exciting experience for guests, immersing them in cultural traditions from around the world. A new video system provides exceptional coverage of the entire perimeter of the facility, even in areas with poor lighting.

Florida Security Guard Shoots His Colleague

The incident, which occurred last month, does not appear to be an accident, either. Read on for more details on what happened, along with a few tips for ensuring something like this doesn’t happen at your facility.

Practical Advice on 6 Physical Security Threats

A new micro e-book from Ingram takes a look at 6 physical security threats in the market, along with tips for overcoming them. Read their advice in a short presentation here. Ingram micro physical security ebook from Jason Destein, ABCHS III

The Unique Challenges of Protecting a Children’s Hospital

Healthcare facilities are particularly vulnerable to incidents of workplace violence, and keeping hospitals safe for patients, staff, and visitors can be a monumental task. It’s a daily challenge for Jim Sawyer, CHS-IV, CPP, CHPA, Director of Security Services for Seattle Children’s Hospital.