Category: Facility Security

Every organization has its own unique facility security needs, but the basics of gatekeeping are nearly universal. We take a look at all levels of facility security, including building access, protocol and procedures, visitors, security staffing, the common challenges for specific types of facilities, and much more.

Improvements to Patient Safety Continue at Massachusetts General Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) presents unique challenges to security. Charged with creating a safe environment, the security team at MGH is simultaneously challenged by the hospital’s need for increased efficiency. The security team finds a solution that brings the facility’s surveillance system into the future and helps manage large caseloads.


New Security Problems at the Library

City and county libraries, in urban or rural areas, attract a variety of patrons, many of whom intend to use the facility for its desired purposes: reading, study, and computer work or research. A small segment of people who enter the library can be disruptive and even dangerous, including: gang members, the mentally ill homeless, […]