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Your security initiatives are only as effective as the policies and training designed support them. Look here for advice on crafting strong cyber and physical security policies as well as best practices for communicating these policies through proper training.

The Complexities of Staying up to Code with NFPA 72

New and updated definitions bring the NFPA 72 Fire Code up to date with advancements in technology and processes. By adopting the changes in the 2016 edition of NFPA 72, fire alarm system designers and contractors can avoid confusion with the proper installation, use, and operation of today’s systems.

OC Pepper Spray for Government Employees

Many public entities are grappling with the issue of their employees wanting to carry OC Pepper Spray for self-defense purposes. Some agencies allow some field personnel to carry OC, especially if they work in higher-risk public or taxpayer-contact jobs in the field, like parking enforcement, code compliance, park, forest, or water rangers, or lifeguards.

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Security-Oriented Training Is Driven by Events

Training classes and workshops for security-related topics are often perceived as a necessary evil by employees and their bosses, who see these sessions as either a waste of company time, covering an unlikely event, or creating fear in the workplace. It’s only after a significant national event, a local tragedy, or an issue at their […]