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Your security initiatives are only as effective as the policies and training designed support them. Look here for advice on crafting strong cyber and physical security policies as well as best practices for communicating these policies through proper training.

California Heads Toward a General Industry Violence Standard

Ahead of federal OSHA, California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) is developing a general industry workplace violence prevention standard. California is already the first state to require all healthcare facilities to implement protective measures for workers who may be exposed to violence.

Do You Need Bystander Intervention Training?

When a security incident occurs, many times bystanders will feel compelled to intervene. The likelihood of bystander intervention increases at some facilities, such as educational campuses, where there are large numbers of people interacting every day. But do these well-intentioned individuals at your facility know how to intervene the right way? The below presentation by […]

A Brief Rundown of Physical Security

Whether you’re brand new to the security field or an experienced veteran of the industry, check out this presentation on physical security to review all of the variables you should be considering when it comes to keeping your facility safe. Physical security primer – JURINNOV – Eric Vanderburg from Eric Vanderburg

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Packing Heat at Work: Balancing Laws, Rights, and Security

Dozens of states have laws that protect workers when taking guns to work. How far, though, do those rights extend? An informative session at BLR’s upcoming Workplace Violence Prevention Symposium in Savannah, Georgia, will address this complicated issue.

Suspicious Packages

Lawmakers Want to Know the Drug Risks to Postal Workers

Members of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform have requested an audit to examine how the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is training and preparing its workforce to respond to the risk posed by the illegal shipment of synthetic opioids.

Chameleon Associates Uses Red Team Approach

The concept of using so-called “red teams” to test the effectiveness of security personnel and equipment is typically thought of as a practice that only the military or the federal government uses. Security professionals who have not worked in those environments may not be as familiar or as comfortable with these approaches. The use of […]

Protect Against Labor Day Weekend Cargo Thefts

While holiday weekends provide a nice break for millions of employees nationwide, they are prime working hours for cargo thieves. Take a look at these tips for keeping your products and your business secure so that you can rest easy this Labor Day weekend. Read more about the issue at Overdrive.