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The tools of the security trade are advancing at an extraordinary pace. We take a look at the latest security hardware and software, from malware and cyberattack detection to cameras to motion sensors. These articles will help you determine what gadgets may be best for your security strategy—and what will fit your budget.

IoT Device Control

New NIST Report Provides Advice for IoT Integration

Devices built for the Internet of Things (IoT) are increasingly finding their way onto organizational networks. Even modest predictions estimate more than 20 billion IoT devices (thermostats, cameras, coffee makers, light bulbs, printers, etc…) will be connected to networks across the world by 2020. While these devices provide a good deal of convenience to end […]

Worker at desk with a security camera pointed at him

Understanding Surveillance in the Modern-Day Workplace

More and more, security executives are working with the C-suite to implement surveillance tools to track and predict their employees’ performance, as well as to seek ways to improve employee productivity and overall organizational profitability. But such surveillance and monitoring tools can also be intrusive and detrimental if they’re not used and implemented properly.

Hacker typing on keyboard

Evolving Cyberthreats Require Advanced Security Defenses

Threat actors are not only increasing the frequency of their cyberattacks, they are constantly working to evolve their techniques to capitalize on unsuspecting end users and unpatched software alike. A recent study conducted by Oracle asked policy makers, C-Suite executives about their insights regarding cyberthreats, and their opinions on how to address them.

Charter Spectrum service van parked outside an apartment complex.

Security Cameras Capture Cable Company Employee Stealing Customer’s Canine

No one really likes dealing with their cable and internet provider, as a phone call for a simple service request usually entails automated menus, redirected calls, and when you finally get someone on the line, a hard sales pitch to expand your service package. However, one rather enterprising Spectrum employee in Riverside, California took it […]