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The smart IT leader is constantly ensuring that systems and plans support the company’s overall strategy. How can you align your IT department with the business, stay involved with direction and decisions at the executive level, and ensure IT at your organization is respected as a vital asset?

Cannabis Security: 3 Legal Considerations When Working at Dispensaries

This is Part 2 in a two-part series covering the Security Industry Association’s (SIA) recently held Vertical Insights Symposium on Cannabis Security. Part 1 explored how security managers can protect cannabis establishments, and Part 2 will examine legal considerations when working with such businesses. Imagine seeing robbers sawing through the ceiling, descending with ropes, and […]

Cybersecurity Mantra: Assess and Test Often

Yesterday’s Leadership Daily Advisor discussed the increasingly corporate focus of cyber threats. Today we outline ways to beef up your own organization’s threat defense to help protect the most important information assets you maintain.