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Does Your Company Disregard Basic Cybersecurity Tasks?

Sensitive data are high-value targets for hackers who will do (and can do) seemingly anything to get them. Large-scale attacks should serve to remind us to stay vigilant and motivate us to employ robust cybersecurity solutions to guard our data. The unfortunate reality is that even the most powerful tech can’t guard against things like human error or malicious insiders.

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It takes a company culture that encourages safe security practices and an enforcement from top leadership to really create a holistically safe environment. The difficult part here is that there are lots of tasks and routines that are easy to overlook.

Tasks like removing stale accounts and actively enforcing strong passwords seem to fly under the radar when we’re moving through our normal day-to-day activities. To combat this unintentional complacency, Varonis put together a comprehensive list of the most disregarded cybersecurity tasks for each level of a company. From the CEO, to security professionals, to entry-level employees, everyone plays an important role in keeping a company’s data safe. Take a look at the infographic below to see what tasks you may be missing and what you can do to resolve any oversight.

most disregarded cybersecurity tasks infographic

Infographic courtesy of Varonis.


Rob SobersRob Sobers is a Sr. Director at cybersecurity firm Varonis. He has been writing and designing software for over 20 years and is co-author of the book Learn Ruby the Hard Way, which has been used by millions of students to learn the Ruby programming language. Prior to joining Varonis in 2011, Rob held a variety of roles in engineering, design, and professional services.

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