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Tech That Can Improve Emergency Lockdown Protocols

The rapid growth of technology has bettered our world in countless ways, some that we probably hardly ever consider. One of these is the amount of safety we have access to if we choose to access it.

Another thing that technology has done is give us access to news anytime we want it. Through social media and smartphones, we are aware of what is happening all over the world, all the time. This shrinks the world, in a sense, and can even make it feel more dangerous.

Whether or not the world is a more dangerous place, you want to feel safe at work. This is where technology once again comes into play. Whether you are worried about a global pandemic or an unwanted intruder, there are technologies that exist that keep you and all of your coworkers safe.

Going Into Lockdown

It’s something that none of us ever wants to experience, but the truth is that it could happen anywhere at any time. An emergency lockdown can happen for many reasons, which is why you want to be prepared and have the technology on hand to make sure that lockdown procedures go smoothly.

For example, there are programs out there that not only help you in case of an emergency, but they can help you prepare for an emergency. Software that walks you through drills can prepare you for that moment you hope never comes. It can also tell you how to improve your emergency lockdown protocols by collecting data as you do drills.

Everything is interconnected as well. With smart locks on your doors, all it takes is one person to activate lockdown mode, and then everyone with access to the system will be alerted. To help ease panic, these programs will even walk you through an emergency lockdown as it is happening.

Video Security

Another great tool that has popped up is the advancement of security systems to integrate video and intercom plus connectivity to smart devices. These devices give you access control and visitor management and make the workplace feel that much safer.

You are able to see everyone who comes in and who comes out. The intercom feature allows you to talk to whoever is at the access point to either let them in or to make sure that they stay out. Because these are compatible with smart devices, anyone who needs to have access to this security feature can have it.

It’s also fully customizable and easy to do so. Adding or removing employees is simple. These can also be used for any type of workplace.

These technologies not only keep you safe in the instance of a lockdown, but you will feel safer even when nothing is wrong. When you work in an environment where you feel safe, you’re likely to do a much better job. In a world where we see bad news much more often than we used to, technology can help us in the worst moments.

Josh Bray is the head of LobiBox, a complete visitor management system designed to help turn building access into a modern amenity. With years of experience in supporting small businesses and local brands, Josh and his team are eager to help people start saving money and protect their businesses or communities.