Emerging Issues in Security

Dealing with Conflicting Ideological Beliefs to Prevent Workplace Violence

BLR’s Workplace Violence Prevention Symposium will be in Savannah, Georgia, March 6 and 7, 2018. The conference, geared to both HR and safety professionals, will focus on tactical strategies for reducing the risk of security breaches, workplace violence, and legal liabilities through powerful keynotes, sessions, and workshops.

The nation’s leading practical conference on workplace violence prevention will include a panel discussion on conflicting ideological beliefs that could lead to workplace violence. Employees have the right to voice opinions tied to political, religious, socioeconomic, and other issues, but to what extent should they be allowed to do so in the workplace?

Last year’s presidential election strained our emotions, and raw emotions can sometimes trigger anger in employees. The panel discussion, featuring a criminal profiler, an organizational psychologist, and an employment attorney, will examine incidents where an activist’s or zealot’s views played a role in an attacker’s violent acts.

Rather than waiting for issues to emerge and escalate, the Political Protests, Evangelization, and Intolerance: When Conflicting Ideological Beliefs Can Lead to Workplace Violence session will help you ensure your workplace is ready to respond to thorny issues at the intersection of ideological views, safety, and employment law.

There are many more sessions at BLR’s Workplace Violence Prevention Symposium 2018 that provide practical prevention training, including:

  • Employment screening practices;
  • Legal bounds under state gun control and concealed-carry laws;
  • Using technology to assess threats and risk management;
  • Cyberbullying and electronic harassment;
  • Domestic violence;
  • And much more.

As always, there will be many opportunities to network with peers and expert presenters and share ideas of what is working—and not working—in the world of workplace violence prevention. In addition, the conference program has been preapproved for recertification credits that can be applied toward professional development.