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Total Security Advisor’s Top 10 Stories of 2022

As 2022 comes to a close, we at Total Security Advisor would like to take a look back and highlight some of the most popular and important articles you’ve read over the past year. The Top 10 list covers the biggest security topics of 2022 and offers insights into where the industry might be headed in 2023.

1. Preventing Workplace Violence Through Situational Awareness

2022, like the recent years before it, was unfortunately plagued with tragedies involving active shooters. Innocent people were gunned down at schools, stores, nightclubs, churches, offices—no public place seemed completely safe. Following the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, Congress took some steps to help improve school security, but there’s no single solution to gun and workplace violence. Nonetheless, this article suggests the first line of defense is to simply follow the adage, “If you see something, say something.”

2. Faces of Security: Bobby Louissaint from Meta

Our “Faces of Security” series offers readers a chance to hear directly from industry insiders, and we’ve been lucky to land a bunch of interviews with experts from big-name companies. One of the year’s most popular profiles was of Bobby Louissaint from Meta, a mentor who got real about race issues in the security industry. (Also check out the “Faces of Security: Best Quotes of 2022” list.)

3. Maintaining Security in Offices with a Hybrid Work Model

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, remote and hybrid work are here to stay for many organizations. This poses unique physical and cyber security challenges that must be addressed. In 2022, zero trust and access control were particularly hot topics amid the new working environment.

4. Professional Sports Venue Security Issues, Emerging Threats, and Technology Solutions

Sports are a national pastime, and they’re back in full force! With fans, players, and staff to protect, what types of security solutions do pro sports arenas rely on? To find out, our friends at the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security polled dozens of venue directors representing the largest leagues and associations. Check out the survey stats and safety recommendations in this exclusive rundown.

5. Now & Next: Drone Market Is Taking Off

The security industry is increasingly adopting high-tech innovations to become more effective, and that includes drones. However, the futuristic flying machines now represent both major opportunities and potential dangers for security operations. In this interview, three experts discuss the pros and cons of drones and offer predictions.

6. Back to Basics: 5 Types of Uniform Styles for Security Professionals

We launched our “Back to Basics” series to highlight important, but possibly overlooked, information that security professionals should know. Although we’ve covered topics ranging from phishing to false alarms, the most popular article of the series was surprisingly about security uniforms. Are you wearing the right duds for the job?

7. How Government Organizations Can Protect Their Physical Security Systems from Cyber Risk

“It might seem ironic that a physical security solution designed to protect people and property can provide an entry point for cybercriminals. However, because these systems—video surveillance, access control, alarms, communications, and more—are increasingly connected to networks and IT infrastructure, they can be quite vulnerable.” This two-part article series highlights what’s becoming a major issue as all things security become increasingly digital. And despite the government-focused headline, it has tips for even the smallest organizations.

8. Cybersecurity Issues Surrounding NFTs

It’s important to stay on top of new trends. Where there’s money to be made (or stolen), it’s guaranteed to attract some bad actors. Although NFTs and cryptocurrency were red-hot topics that may be cooling down now, security issues abound. Other hip issues to keep your eyes on in the coming year are Twitter’s alleged security flaws and the burgeoning legalized cannabis industry.

9. How COVID-19 Impacted the Physical Security Job Market

Employee turnover became a top challenge after the pandemic hit, forcing organizations to re-evaluate how they attract and retain talent. This webinar wrap-up article offers solutions for the future of security hiring, with or without COVID to worry about. Also, have you considered hiring a military veteran?

10. Proving the Value of Security: How to Avoid the ‘Break Glass Now’ Label

The security industry often doesn’t get the recognition it deserves—or at least not until after an incident. However, proactive security measures are just as important, if not more so, than reactive ones. So, how can the industry prove its value to business leaders, officials, and the general public before something bad happens? Although it’s a struggle that will likely continue in 2023 and beyond, there are strategies for success.

Thanks to you security professionals for all your hard work and for your readership in 2022. May you have a happy new year!