Successfully Integrating Your Cyber & Physical Security Efforts

Workplace Violence: Risk Identification and Effective Prevention


One of the most important elements in determining the success or failure of your total security efforts can be summed up in one word: Integration. Ensuring that your cybersecurity and physical security personnel and procedures are in harmony rather than at odds can be a challenging endeavor, but done properly, the benefits are tremendous.

Security, both cyber and physical, has become crucial to the success of businesses across nearly every industry. The Total Security Daily Advisor, a free website and daily newsletter from BLR®, seeks to keep security professionals informed in the wake of ever-evolving threats—and one of the issues constantly at the forefront of the security discussion is integration. Join our webinar to learn more about this important concept and how you can put it to use at your organization!

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Details on the changing threat landscape that make an integration strategy a must-have for every business;
  • Key elements of an integration strategy, from risk analysis to written plans to staffing considerations to compliance;
  • How new technologies are shaping both the cybersecurity and physical security landscapes—and how these technologies are optimized through integration;
  • Communication best practices to ensure IT and security staff (as well as other company employees) buy into your integration efforts;
  • And much more!