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Are Mobile Phones the Future for Accessing Your Office Building?

For many, mobile phones are the center of their world. They have endless capabilities and functions, which has led to their use in many industries. Security is one of the many industries that has utilized the abilities of mobile technologies to their advantage.

Many modern security technologies now come with mobile phone enablements. Mobile phones make security flexible, convenient, and safe. It provides users with the ability to manage security technologies from anywhere, ensure the safety of the office, and keep unauthorized users out. 

From allowing office security teams to monitor the building off-site to giving employees mobile credentials to access the building, mobile technology can impact office building security in many ways. 

Mobile-enabled security technologies make security management easy for four main reasons. You should consider these reasons when searching for the right door access control to future-proof your building with mobile and cloud-based technology.

1. Remote Management

Many revere mobile technology for its ability to be used anywhere, so long as there is an internet connection. Mobile devices offer flexibility so that you can manage your security system from anywhere. With mobile technology, remote management becomes possible and brings security technology into the future.

This is especially key if you want to monitor the safety of your office building. On your mobile device, you can analyze video footage and security event data without being on-site. This lets you check who is accessing the building, what they’re doing, and when. 

With remote management, you can completely view the property and monitor its safety from afar. You can have the peace of mind of knowing that your office building is safe without needing to place a 24-hour security team on-site. Overall, mobile technology facilitates remote management, which makes ensuring the security of the building easy from anywhere. 

2. Real-Time Notifications

In this modern age, people go everywhere with their mobile devices. It’s rare to find a person that leaves home without them. As a result, mobile devices are the best way to receive real-time security notifications about the security of your office building. Integrated access control and video security systems can send updates to your mobile device about the safety of the office.

If an intruder attempts to enter the facility, you’ll receive a notification and mobilize a response. You could contact the authorities or security team and ensure the intruder does not gain access to your property. 

Mobile technology allows you to maintain the security of your building at all times without needing to have an on-site security team around the clock. It saves money, time, and resources without compromising the security of your building. 

3. Easy and Secure Door Access

Access control has been the favorite security technology of many office buildings for some time now. It is the product of the growing technology industry, and it continues to advance. The latest trend in access control is mobile-based access credentials. Between 2017 and 2018, there was an increase in the use of mobile credentials by 150%, which is likely to continue to grow. 

With mobile phones, office users can easily access their buildings without carrying a single key or card. They can conveniently store access credentials on their phones, so all they have to do is successfully open the application and scan their card to gain access. Many mobile devices even enable multi-factor authentication to increase the protection of your mobile credentials. 

Multi-factor authentication uses passcodes, fingerprints, or facial recognition to verify your identity before giving you access to the credentials. This ensures that the correct user accesses the credentials and enters the building. Overall, mobile technology makes accessing buildings easier and safer for all authorized users. 

4. Convenience

Mobile technology has many applications. The reason for this is that mobile technology is flexible, convenient, and has many capabilities. Mobile devices provide many advancements on traditional systems, including security systems. Traditional, on-site security systems are expensive to set up, require physical space, and are manageable on-site only.

Mobile technology means that on-site security systems are now a thing of the past. Instead, users can now effectively manage security systems on their mobile devices. This makes security management more convenient, as you can monitor your facility from anywhere. 

As well as its flexible capabilities, a security system managed on a mobile device has contactless capabilities. You can successfully and safely sign in to the security system and access mobile credentials on your device without going on-site. You will have easy access to any aspect of your security system without compromising its integrity, making life easier in every way.

Howie Robleza is a freelance writer interested in tech, legal, and property trends. When she’s not writing, she works in commercial property management.

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