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GSX 2022 Security Product Roundup

Held Sept. 12-14 in Atlanta and hosted by ASIS International, the 2022 Global Security Exchange (GSX) attracted thousands of security professionals from around the world and showcased hundreds of new products. If you weren’t able to attend or didn’t get to see everything on the showroom floor, we at Total Security Advisor have rounded up a list of announcements covering some of the exciting security solutions you might’ve missed.

Salient Solutions

Salient Solutions showcased its newest offerings which included CompleteView 7.0 and Salient cloud services. CompleteView, an enterprise-ready, open video data platform, enables remote management and monitoring while retaining the flexibility to leverage on-premise and cloud-based access to data with the creation of storage pools with improved backup, overflow capabilities, and new camera-based retention policies. For more information, click here.


Ontic’s Incidents, Investigations, and Case Management solution is a purpose-built destination for corporate security and investigation teams who are tasked with researching and managing cases. Built within a dynamic, always-on platform, the solution helps organizations see the full picture to properly record details and find connections. Key features include integrated research capabilities, customized access roles to maintain privacy and support compliance requirements, flexible report dashboards, easily accessible historical data, connected threat assessment workflows, and more. These capabilities help organizations recognize potential threats and take necessary action. For more information, click here.


Everbridge announced the integration of the company’s expansive risk intelligence monitoring capabilities into its physical security management system, Control Center, enabling organizations to ingest “outside” risk intelligence and correlate that real-time information with data from “inside” their buildings. The integration allows global security operations center (GSOC) operators to visualize over 25,000 risk intelligence data feeds on the same pane of glass that they are using for their internal physical or facilities security management. Risk intelligence can also feed into the workflow and orchestration engine to trigger device activations, including automatically pulling in relevant video feeds or locking down badge access, doors, and gates. For more information, click here.


I-Pro showcased its latest range of AI-empowered cameras and AI-based analytics. They are equipped with up to four sensors capable of running four different deep learning AI applications at the edge. These multi-sensor cameras feature highly compact designs with more installation options. The new S-series and cost-effective U-series pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras were on display at GSX. The S-series PTZs include built-in processing for advanced automatic tracking, making it easier to follow objects of interest. These powerful PTZ cameras can run two different deep learning AI applications at the edge, further reducing load and server infrastructure costs. The plug-in turns a video management system (VMS) into a powerful search engine capable of real-time searches or conducting deep forensic analysis on Video Insight, Genetec, and Milestone systems. For more information, click here.

Motorola Solutions

Motorola showcased its new Ava Flex camera, an entry-point solution that brings intelligence and ease of use to any organization. The camera’s Wi-Fi capability makes it easy to deploy for businesses with one or multiple locations. When used with the Ava Aware cloud video management system, it provides AI-based video and audio analytics, as well as features including proactive alerts, similarity search, occupancy counting, anomaly detection, and more. The indoor camera is able to operate in low-light conditions with night vision. Other solutions from across Motorola’s portfolio included the Avigilon Control Center, Access Control Manager, and cameras like the new H5A modular camera. For more information, click here.

Axis Communications

Axis Communications showcased several products, including the ACIS M3057-PLR Mk II Dome Camera with a 6MP panoramic 180- or 360-degree overview; the scalable AXIS A12 Series that can handle all tasks related to door access, even if the network is down; and the AXIS D3100 Connectivity Hub, which integrates sensors and audio equipment into network systems. Also highlighted was the new AXIS Object Analytics time-in-area feature, beta version, which can trigger an event whenever an object stays in a monitored area longer than a user-defined time—e.g., to detect loitering. For more information, click here.

Hanwha Techwin America

Hanwha unveiled the Wisenet EDGE, which combines a dome camera, Wisenet WAVE Server, and on-board recording capabilities into one device. It is available with 1 TB or 2 TB of on-board Solid State Drive (SSD) storage, with a flexible architecture that allows users to record multiple additional cameras to one Wisenet EDGE camera acting as a system’s server. The company also showcased the AI Fisheye Camera, its newest iteration of Hanwha’s previous 9MP panoramic fisheye models which now adds AI capabilities based on deep learning to filter out irrelevant motion and environmental noise to extract and classify only specific objects like vehicles, people, faces, or license plates. Other items showcased included the updated AI IR (infrared) PTRZ (pan-tilt-rotate-zoom), the new Bi-spectrum Camera, and the updated Wisenet WAVE VMS 5.0 and WiseDetector. For more information, click here.


Genetec unveiled the latest version of Security Center Synergis, the company’s IP-based access control system (ACS) that provides enhanced cybersecurity, flexibility, and insights. Genetec also showcased its enclosure management solution that gives traffic managers and engineers the ability to remotely manage, monitor, and secure enclosures. It replaces traditional mechanical locks and enables customers to know and control who, how, and when their remote enclosures are accessed. The company also highlighted its Streamvault Edge, a new line of connected appliances that enables the easy transition to a hybrid-cloud infrastructure, and the AutoVu Cloudrunner, a new cloud-based vehicle-centric investigation system (VCIS) that detects, analyzes, and securely stores highly accurate vehicle identification data to support public safety investigations. For more information, click here.

Prosegur Security

Prosegur Security showcased its robot dog, named Yellow, as a private and professional security offering for perimeter patrol. He can be deployed in situations that are too dangerous, or too difficult, for human entry. Additionally, he can be deployed at events and, with the help of facial recognition technology, can identify “friend or foe,” alerting security of potential threats. Yellow is powered by Prosegur’s GenzAI platform and AI partner Azena, enabling risk situations to be communicated via 5G technology to any Prosegur security operations center (SOC). Yellow incorporates video analytics into its guarding tasks to detect and recognize suspicious elements, instantly alerting the SOC of any possible threats. Designed with hypersensitive sensors, Yellow can also detect fluctuations in temperature and gas, which might indicate a gas leak or fire. Yellow’s machine learning capabilities also enable it to adapt to any terrain, avoid obstacles, and create a comprehensive map of its patrol area. For more information, click here.

For more information on the GSX event, click here.