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Indiana Healthcare Facility Successfully Meets Complex Security Demands

Major Health Partners (MHP) Medical Center in Shelbyville, Indiana utilizes advanced technology that stands up to the many challenges in healthcare security.

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The healthcare needs of the Shelbyville, Indiana community were changing, and to adapt to these changing needs, hospital officials decide to invest in a new facility rather than undergo costly renovations to the existing downtown Major Hospital. The new hospital, MHP Medical Center, is a premier, state-of-the art medical facility. One item that did not get transferred to MHP along with patients and equipment from Major Hospital was an outdated security system. Instead, MHP opts for an advanced solution that matches its sophisticated facility.

The complete MHP complex includes the main hospital and a surrounding campus with oncology center, orthopedic center, and an administrative/data center. The new center features larger patient rooms, a concourse design to aid in ease of navigation, and a significant increase in parking areas. Over 57 physicians and 1,000 employees are working at the new facility.

MHP wants to invest in security technology that will grow with the hospital and provide centralized management across all properties. MHP requires coverage of every entrance and exit of all buildings. The hospital also wants cameras in many public and semipublic areas. Lobbies, waiting areas, certain corridors, the pharmacy, and all rooms with drug cabinets require cameras, as do outdoor walkways, parking lots, and surrounding grounds.

Jeff Williams, MHP’s vice president of Facility Operations, is tasked with finding a solution that meets MHP’s requirements. “We (the hospital) had a prior situation where we had several, disparate systems installed and when we needed help, we would have the different manufacturers pointing fingers at each other and nobody willing to take responsibility,” he said.

Williams partners with Open Control Systems (OCS), an Indianapolis-based facility technology integrator. MHP decided on a Vicon system, combining VMS software, NVRs with high storage capacity, and close to 200 indoor and outdoor IP cameras. The IP video solution provides MHP with added flexibility in its video surveillance, as well as remote video monitoring and more effective storage capabilities. MHP has the flexibility to use web-enabled devices of its choice, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones.

All of the cameras can be monitored from MHP’s main security room. In addition, smaller local monitoring stations are set up in the intensive care unit, emergency room, and pharmacy. With the equipment in place, different permissions and access levels are set up for operators based upon their responsibilities and need to view certain areas of the hospital. Customized displays are configured with menus and resources for each user to help him or her do his or her job most effectively.

“The centralized management, remote access, and customizable user interface helps our team use the system to its maximum potential and function more efficiently,” said Williams.

MHP has immediate access to new versions of software. Updates require only a single download to the main server, which pushes the software out across the network to all NVRs. A health dashboard provides reporting on the health status of the network in easy-to-read graphs and charts and highlights areas of concern through color-coded warnings.

With the surveillance system now fully operational, Williams plans to expand coverage to two additional buildings by the end of 2017. Based on the initial installation experience, MHP is confident all of the challenges have been met to protect patients and facilities against potential vulnerabilities by quickly evaluating incidents and taking appropriate actions.

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