Facility Security

Mass Transit Hub Depends on IP Video for Visitor and Passenger Safety

The mass transit facility in Scranton, Pennsylvania is a central transport hub where passengers are provided a secure shelter while they wait for buses. The security system in place is also utilized by private tenants and the Scranton police department.

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The Lackawanna Transit Center in Scranton, Pennsylvania serves as the hub for the County of Lackawanna Transit System (COLTS) buses. Officials with COLTS not only built the new Lackawanna Transit Center with plans for other forms of transportation in the future but they also had security in mind, as well.

COLTS operates 29 public bus routes through Lackawanna County and provides specialty transportation for college students, disabled riders, and senior passengers. The intermodal facility in downtown Scranton is now the central transport hub where passengers are provided comfort from the extreme cold and heat and a safe place to wait for buses. When putting the finishing touches on the $12.5-million facility, officials with COLTS decide on a state-of-the-art IP security system to control all operations and to rapidly respond to emergency situations.

A Genetec video surveillance system manages over 30 Bosch IP cameras to help protect passengers who visit the center from various locations across the country. The system ensures passenger safety in and around the terminal. The operational staff at COLTS actively monitors the cameras from a primary corporate site and bus terminal, which is located outside of downtown Scranton.

“The Genetec platform has also been instrumental in helping our organization collaborate with other city stakeholders such as law enforcement, which keeps residents and visitors to Scranton safer,” said Robert Fiume, executive director at COLTS.

“We have a remote connection to the system which we can access from our desks to spot check and see what’s going on at the facility. The system has been very easy to use,” said Fiume.

According to Fiume, COLTS is looking for suspect bags lying around or any other safety concerns, such as the speed at which buses come into the facility. If managerial staff members are away from the office when an incident is reported, they can quickly pull up video from their phones using the system’s remote feature.

COLTS works with the Scranton police department to allow officers to view video from the COLTS system. Carl Graziano, police chief at the Scranton police department, stated, “The ability to see what is happening at this major transportation hub in our city enables our officers and detectives the opportunity to be proactive in our community policing.”

The Lackawanna Transit Center is also where you can catch a Martz Trailways coach bus to go out of the county or out of the state. The COLTS’s tenant has also been given access to the video surveillance system. Agents use the video to check when buses arrive and announce information to passengers.

Lackawanna Transit Center officials are confident the scalable security system will be able to secure future transportation growth. The property includes a taxi stand and backs up to train tracks if and when passenger rail begins in Lackawanna County.