Understanding Fraud Management Best Practices

Security professionals have plenty to worry about when protecting their organizations from external threats, so fraud that takes place within a company can be viewed as an unnecessary hassle. However, too much of a focus on external threats could allow internal threats to flourish, with employees trying to bring the company down from within for […]

Infographic: Common K–12 Security Concerns

Schools come with a unique set of security-related challenges. Take a look at this infographic from Tyco Integrated Security to see some of the top security concerns of K–12 facilities.       An Event for Education Facility Security! The Education & Healthcare Security Forum is a complimentary networking event where senior level security professionals […]

When it Comes to Data Privacy, Beware of Third-Party Vendors

Even with airtight data-privacy policies, businesses may overlook a glaring vulnerability that exposes them to crippling compliance fines and data breaches — third-party vendors. Convenient and cost effective, businesses outsource countless functions to third parties, often without knowing whether the vendors comply with data-privacy standards. Vetting third-party vendors for data security comprises one of several […]

Infographic: The Multi-Faceted Approach to Penetration Testing

Hackers wear all varieties of hats. The best known are black hat hackers, who are out to sow cyber-discord in search of profit; and white hat hackers, who look for and report network vulnerabilities before malicious actors can find them. But what about red hat hackers? They are the professionals who specialize in penetration testing, […]

Infographic: Dealing With a Toxic Work Environment

It doesn’t matter on which side of the fence you work (physical or cyber), security is generally known for being a stressful industry. While workplace stress often manifests in feelings of exhaustion or even negative attitudes among coworkers, these typically resolve as the day-to-day stressors of the job ebb and flow. Sometimes, though, workplace stress […]

Infographic: How Broad is Your Organization’s Attack Surface?

The rapid development and proliferation of inexpensive technology, and especially technology related to devices that connect to the Internet of Things (IoT), has been a blessing and a curse. The ability for security professionals to tap into the IoT to implement mobile access controls or wireless surveillance technologies, for example, has proven beneficial to most […]

Infographic: Snapshot of GDPR, 1 Year On

At this time last year, the EU rolled out its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules, and they were almost all anyone in the cybersecurity industry could talk about. Now, 1 year on, the dust has settled a bit and we can actually get an early sense of the impact of the regulations on how […]

Infographic: Do You Have the Skills of a Fortune 100 CISO?

As your organization’s dependence on technology grows, the role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is more important than ever. What does it take to work at the executive-level in cybersecurity? Varonis analyzed data from the CISOs of Fortune 100 companies to get a better sense of what skills these leaders possessed.

Infographic: Are You Your Organization’s Biggest Security Risk?

It seems that the headlines focusing on data security always focus on some new malware threat, or an advanced hacking team working diligently to exploit a minuscule, nearly invisible back door in a company’s server. This portrayal is certainly reinforced by TV shows and movies, which only obscures the truth: you and your employees make […]

Infographic: There is a Knowledge Gap in Healthcare Cybersecurity

Many of the largest cyberattacks are directed at healthcare organizations (WannaCry and SamSam come to mind); cybercriminals view them as high-value targets due to the incredible amounts of personally identifiable information they handle on a daily basis. With that in mind, it’s important for everyone working in a healthcare environment to remain vigilant, because all […]