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Infographic: Do You Have the Skills of a Fortune 100 CISO?

As your organization’s dependence on technology grows, the role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is more important than ever. What does it take to work at the executive-level in cybersecurity? Varonis analyzed data from the CISOs of Fortune 100 companies to get a better sense of what skills these leaders possessed.

Computer code on a screen with a skull representing a computer virus / malware attack.

Infographic: Are You Your Organization’s Biggest Security Risk?

It seems that the headlines focusing on data security always focus on some new malware threat, or an advanced hacking team working diligently to exploit a minuscule, nearly invisible back door in a company’s server. This portrayal is certainly reinforced by TV shows and movies, which only obscures the truth: you and your employees make […]

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Infographic: There is a Knowledge Gap in Healthcare Cybersecurity

Many of the largest cyberattacks are directed at healthcare organizations (WannaCry and SamSam come to mind); cybercriminals view them as high-value targets due to the incredible amounts of personally identifiable information they handle on a daily basis. With that in mind, it’s important for everyone working in a healthcare environment to remain vigilant, because all […]

Infographic: Staying Secure While Migrating to the Cloud

Cloud services have come a long way since hitting the marketplace and businesses of all sizes have taken notice, shifting some (if not all) of their needs to cloud-based software, platform, or infrastructure services. There are many reasons you may not have migrated yet, but there are a couple of major reasons folks hesitate: general […]

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Infographic: Bridging the Cybersecurity Talent Gap

Ask any CEO or CISO and they’ll confirm the headlines: the demand for qualified cybersecurity professionals far out-weighs the supply. So much so that many business leaders say that finding the necessary talent to secure their data and infrastructure represents one of the biggest challenges facing their organizations. This infographic from Digital Guardian takes an […]

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Infographic: Data Security Needs to Start in the C-Suite

Information security leaders are tasked with managing and protecting data on an organization’s network and endpoints, but sometimes, that task can be like herding cats. The ease with which employees can move data from a work to a personal device is alarming and it makes security’s job more difficult: how can sensitive information be protected […]

See Something DHS Infographic

Infographic: See Something Out of Place? Say Something.

We tend to think of “See Something, Say Something” as reserved for public spaces and especially public transportation. But the concept can easily be applied within organizations to help bolster a strong security culture. The Department of Homeland Security has put together this infographic to help outline some of the types of suspicious behavior or […]

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Infographic: Are You At Risk of Digital Extortion?

The modern, connected world has made a number of crimes easier to commit. Of these, extortion might have gotten the biggest boost. We’ve certainly seen the explosion in ransomware attacks over the last couple of years. While ransomware might be the exemplar of an extortion attack, any time a cybercriminal tries to get you or […]

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Infographic: Are You Doing Enough to Promote Data Security?

The need for solid data security practices is greater than ever, particularly as the costs of lax cyberhygiene grows. Though it may not seem like much on the surface, all it takes for a cybercriminal to take over your network and compromise your company’s data is for one employee to use a weak password or […]

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Infographic: Looking Ahead to Cybersecurity Trends in 2019

There was a time when computer hacking was all about pushing boundaries, with hardware and software engineers (formally or informally educated) tinkering with machines and programs to create something new. While there are still plenty of hacker collectives and maker spaces floating around (not to mention white hats), the hacking landscape has fundamentally changed. Poor […]