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Many Websites Built for Small Companies Are Hackable

Small start-up firms looking to keep their costs low can benefit from website design and ongoing support from equally small Web developers. But because these developers often use WordPress, one of the most common design platforms, they are susceptible to hacking. While it’s not necessarily the WordPress platform, it’s the many plug-ins that designers and […]

Where Will Facebook’s Journey Take Your Company?

With 2 billion monthly users online, Facebook has gone well beyond keeping friends and family in touch. Now businesses of all sizes feature a Facebook page. Facebook is making progress connecting the world, but bringing the world closer together could expose companies to hackers and viruses.

Demand Continues to Increase for IP VMS

The Video Management Software (VMS) market is expected to more than double to 10.54 billion U.S. dollars (USD) by 2021. Video management is an important aspect of the video monitoring system. Demand for high-quality video processing, globally increasing security concerns, and other factors are fueling the growth of the VMS market.

National Lab’s ‘Shadow Figment’ Tech Foils Cyberattacks

Scientists have created a cybersecurity technology called Shadow Figment that is designed to lure hackers into an artificial world, then stop them from doing damage by feeding them illusory tidbits of success. The aim is to sequester bad actors by captivating them with an attractive—but imaginary—world. The technology is aimed at protecting physical targets—infrastructure such […]

Lone Worker Risk Management: Apply the 4 Ps

Whether you are working for a large corporation with thousands of employees or a small business contractor with a handful of employees, there are times that will require employees to be lone workers. During these times, a lone worker must make many decisions to successfully complete a task on time. To work safely, these employees […]

Cybersecurity Mantra: Assess and Test Often

Yesterday’s Leadership Daily Advisor discussed the increasingly corporate focus of cyber threats. Today we outline ways to beef up your own organization’s threat defense to help protect the most important information assets you maintain.

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Lawmakers Want to Know the Drug Risks to Postal Workers

Members of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform have requested an audit to examine how the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is training and preparing its workforce to respond to the risk posed by the illegal shipment of synthetic opioids.