Access Control: Ep.1 – Cyber and Operational Security Integration, Part 1

Security leaders are now facing an ever-evolving threat landscape, and it’s not always clear how best to address newer security concerns. Historically, it was easier to think of physical and cyber security as separate components in an organization’s overall security stance. However, security technology has undergone dramatic change over the last 20 years, and more and more solutions require integration to function properly, often widening the attack surface that cybercriminals can use to get at your sensitive information.

On this episode of Access Control, we discuss the current  security landscape and how best to integrate physical and organizational security with Terry Gold of D6 Research.

Access Control is a podcast dealing with all aspects of business and organizational security, from the parking lot to the network. On each episode, our host will discuss emerging legal and regulatory requirements along with other security issues and best practices with industry experts and thought leaders. Access Control covers a wide range of topics from workplace violence, cybersecurity policy and training, facility security, and much more.