Access Control: Ep.2 – Cyber and Operational Security Integration Part 2

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Security leaders must walk a fine line between protecting their organizations and keeping the C-suite happy; often, this means operating on a tight budget. However, with the dramatic changes in the security marketplace, meeting your business’ security needs while remaining cost-neutral is possible. You just need to get the proper buy-in for the proposal.

On this episode of Access Control, Terry Gold of D6 Research dispels some of the myths around the overall costs of security integration, and how get the buy-in you need for a solid security platform. If you missed it, you can hear the first part of our chat here.

Access Control is a podcast dealing with all aspects of business and organizational security, from the parking lot to the network. On each episode, our host will discuss emerging legal and regulatory requirements along with other security issues and best practices with industry experts and thought leaders. Access Control covers a wide range of topics from workplace violence, cybersecurity policy and training, facility security, and much more.