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5 Reasons Why Security Managers Should Hire Military Veterans

This Veterans Day, we here at Total Security Advisor would like to salute all those who have fought to protect our country. Security managers should consider hiring veterans who are either transitioning from military life to civilian life or perhaps have been civilians for a while. Specifically, many veterans have experience in securing military bases either physically or through cybersecurity. Veterans also already went through extensive background checks, which would be helpful in the security field.

However, here are five key reasons security managers should consider hiring any veteran:

1. Teamwork

In every branch of the U.S. military, veterans either had a partner or were part of a crew, squad, or team in which they cooperated to get their missions accomplished safely, no matter what issues arose. They believe in the principle of service before self. Likewise, in the security industry, personnel should work together so that everyone is on the same page, have a shared sense of responsibility, and help each other get the job done.

2. Core Values

Veterans have a strong code of ethics and core values such as commitment, integrity, accountability, and loyalty. Likewise, security professionals should be dedicated to doing their jobs honestly, morally, and ethically.

3. Cross-Functional Skills

Veterans have been trained in several disciplines including learning science, technology, and how to work in a variety of environments, so they have learned a variety of skills. Likewise in security, workers should know how to do a variety of tasks, including many that may utilize computer skills.

4. Discipline & Compliance

Veterans were taught the importance of obeying orders from superiors or there would be severe penalties. They know how to follow the rules. Likewise, security personnel should follow the direction of their leaders and adhere to applicable local, state, and federal laws in doing their jobs. Failure to follow those directives can also lead to serious consequences for security professionals.

5. Ability to Handle Stressful Situations

In the military, veterans were taught how to handle stress by determining what tasks are most important, how to accomplish missions, and meet their daily schedules. Likewise, security personnel must prioritize their work, achieve their goals, and not crack under pressure even on the most stressful days.

Security managers should understand just how valuable veterans can be as a member of their teams. The education and experiences military personnel gained from serving their country can be quite valuable for security managers. To learn more about why veterans make good employees, please visit the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website here.