Insider Report: Prevention and Response Strategies to Effectively Protect Your Workforce

As employers and Americans, we are in the midst of a devastating trend. Active shooter incidents are increasing, with the greatest percentage occurring in commercial settings as reported by the FBI. When a gunman opens fire, statistical data predicts that on average nearly a dozen people will be injured and at least 3 will be killed. We no longer can be so naïve as to think we are exempt from incidents of workplace violence, given the frequency and severity of mass shootings.

To help you fulfill this responsibility, BLR® has created this exclusive Insider Report outlining the critical information around response plan preparation, employee training, and peer best practices so you best can position your employees for success—and survival. We hope this tactical playbook will help you minimize the devastating consequences that can result from being unprepared, and help prevent incidents of workplace violence from occurring in the first place.