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Atlantic City Police Unveil Multimillion-Dollar Surveillance Center for a Closer Eye on the City

Atlantic City police officials formally unveil the city’s new surveillance center and multimillion-dollar surveillance system as part of a public-safety initiative. Atlantic City is committed to making the city safer for residents and visitors.

Atlantic City, NJ

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Packed with large monitors showing clear views of the city, law enforcement and city officials gather on the fourth floor of the Atlantic City Police Department public safety building for the official ribbon-cutting and debut of the department’s surveillance center. The Atlantic City Headquarters for Intelligence Logistics Electronic Surveillance, (ACHILES), now keeps watch on cameras throughout the city.

Serving as a hub to Atlantic Avenue where police can monitor a wider area of Atlantic City, officials detail what the multimillion-dollar facility includes and how it will help keep residents and visitors safe.

Speaking in the Public Safety Building at the unveiling of the new surveillance center, Chief Henry White of Atlantic City Police Department (ACPD) said that police can tap into cameras throughout the city to see remotely and as crimes are in progress.

“The cameras will allow police to track suspects, identify what is happening at crime scenes,” said White. ACHILES isn’t just about solving and preventing crime; it will help in finding missing people and coordinating emergency responses, he added.

The new surveillance center features five 80-inch monitors, four 65-inch monitors, six workstations with four monitors each, and a supervisor station with seven monitors. Genetec IP security manages the system and powers cameras on the boardwalk and at Tanger Outlets The Walk. Viewing the monitors are Class II officers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The center is also part of Protecting Atlantic City Together (PACT), which offers businesses and areas such as Back Maryland, Carver Hall, School House Apartments, and other housing complexes a chance to connect their privately owned cameras into the system.

Cameras can also be linked with casino cameras. The police department hopes to have cameras around the entire city in the near future.

Law enforcement is asking other businesses to share their camera footage with the center, and more are to come, according to White.

From ACHILES, the ACPD now has access to 158 public cameras located along the boardwalk. The cameras offer wider range than just the immediate area. Officers in the center also have the ability to switch views and locations, zoom, rotate, tilt, and pan the cameras to get a 360-degree view of Atlantic City.

The cameras can zoom in about 90 times. According to the ACPD, officers used a boardwalk camera at California Avenue and focused on Atlantic Avenue, two blocks away. The picture remained clear as the officers zoomed in.

Police officers are able to see camera feeds from an app on their cell phones and on the laptops inside their cruisers. They can also tap into the electric signs and speakers on the boardwalk to make announcements, show pictures of missing children, and issue alerts and warnings.

“This is just the beginning,” said White. “Every week we’re rolling out more and more cameras. Cameras are planned to be installed in Brown’s Park in the near future,” he said.

The surveillance center has already resulted in more than 30 arrests and has helped in more than 100 investigations.