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IP Network Video Surveillance Technology Offers Future-Proof Security

The physical security industry and end users are embracing network video surveillance in a big way. The trend is growing at a rapid pace to replace old analog CCTV and DVR systems with IP network technology when a video security system is being installed, upgraded, or expanded. Basically, operating like a computer that sees, IP network video is a surveillance system that allows you to install devices, and monitor and record video footage via an IP network (Internet).

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IP video surveillance technology provides proactive, reliable, high performance, lower cost, and better integrated security solutions. The price gap between IP systems and analog systems has closed dramatically while the difference in picture resolution is unmatched. In addition to outstanding picture quality, network video surveillance brings new functionality, such as remote accessibility. Exceptionally usable archived video is available whenever and wherever you need it.

A network camera, also commonly referred to as an IP camera, connects to a network and can work wherever a network connection is accessible. By using IP network video surveillance technology, you can view cameras live, and monitor and review recorded video footage from just about any Internet-enabled remote device such as a PC, laptop, or smartphone from wherever you are, on-site or off-site.

Network video surveillance technology guarantees successful security system expansion with a scalable solution, based on standard equipment and the capacity to integrate with other systems. IP-based video systems easily integrate with system solutions such as access control, alarm, facial recognition, or other types of biometric devices and building management to offer advanced security functionality and intelligence.

IP video surveillance systems offer many “technology sweet spots” that make the solution increasingly attractive. Network video surveillance can be added to a system without having to discard existing analog investments. Cost-effective hybrid solutions can integrate an analog surveillance system and gain the benefits of network video technology.

As an added bonus, today’s video management software delivers advanced analytics and marketing business data. IP network video surveillance today is helping businesses assess marketing promotions with data-like dwell time, for example, of how many and how long people viewed a display. Analysis of traffic patterns is factoring into access control management for loss prevention. POS and People Counting Analysis are other invaluable planning tools made possible through IP video management systems.

A more proactive means of surveillance, the event-driven features of an IP Network video surveillance act with the security system and can validate alarm conditions beforehand to allow the proper response to be made. The intelligence within the system adds functionality that can be expanded over time for analysis, detection, and alerts; initiating recording, alarms, or other action; advanced motion detection, auto tracking; tamper detection, audio detection, and other built-in triggers.

Network surveillance cameras capture exceptionally clear video with indisputable evidentiary value. Available exclusively on IP cameras, high-definition (HD) surveillance is now recognized as the preferred choice for professional security camera systems, delivering unmatched image quality with superb detail. Upgrading from an analog CCTV camera system to 1080p HD, 360-degree panoramic or 4K ultra HD is easy and affordable.

Twenty-four-hour video surveillance of entrances, exits, and reception areas provides a record of who enters and exits a facility, and it helps to deter criminals. IP network video surveillance also provides search capabilities that enable video footage to be stored digitally and archived on network servers, hard drives, or network video recorders. Searching is much easier when seeking images related to a specific event.

Open technology standards inherent in IP network electronic security do not lock you into having to use one vendor; letting you choose the best components for each application. Network video surveillance extends the return on an original video investment and provides an outstanding path for additional growth. IP video is a suitable solution for any application from a small business up to a global operation with offices around the world.