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Security Product Roundup from ISC West 2022

Here at Total Security Advisor, we’ve been keeping our finger on the pulse of what was new and exciting at ISC West 2022 (International Security Conference & Exposition) this year in beautiful Las Vegas. Held March 22-25, ISC West was located in the Venetian Expo Center and attracted security professionals from around the world.

Officials were proud to welcome everyone back to what could be considered the first “business as usual” show after COVID-19 emerged in 2020, thanks to loosening travel and health restrictions. If you were unable to attend ISC West 2022 or simply missed some of the exciting new offerings on the showroom floor, we’ve compiled a list below highlighting product announcements made during the event.

Axis Communications

Courtesy: Axis Communications

Axis Communications’ new AXIS W101 Body Worn Camera features offer improved image and audio quality, as well as a new voice optimization mode. The company’s new AXIS M5000-G PTX Network Camera is a multidirectional 15 MB camera offering total situational awareness of indoor areas up to 400 m2. It features three 5 MP sensors and one PTZ camera with 10x optical zoom and HDTV 1080p, and it delivers sweeping overviews and zoomed-in details. AXIS M2036-LE and AXIS-M2035-LE Network Cameras are outdoor-ready bullet-style cameras. Featuring deep learning processing units (DPLUs), these cameras enable opportunities for analytics. Additionally, with AXIS Object Analysis, it offers detection and classification of humans, vehicles, and types of vehicles – all tailored to specific needs. More info is available here.


Genetec unveiled Streamvault Edge, a new device that will help banking, retail, and any business with remote or unmanned sites to modernize its security infrastructure by migrating to a hybrid cloud architecture. The system allows for the gradual migration of security systems without disrupting operations. It is a low-maintenance, easy-to-install edge device to connect remote sites together. While its focus is now on enterprise-grade video surveillance, the company expects to support more security and IoT devices soon. More info is available here.

Halodi Robotics & ADT Commercial

Courtesy: Halodi

Halodi Robotics and ADT Commercial showcased a humanoid robot after announcing a deal between the partners for 140 units to be built soon. The robots will be able to perform tasks that are dirty, dangerous, and dull. Halodi Robotics humanoid robot platform performs pre-programmed services using AI. By observing and reporting on potential problems and streamlining and standardizing tasks, the robot is able to support and extend the capabilities of a human team that may be stretched thin. Service robots designed and built by Halodi Robotics are programed beyond the patrol functions of a basic security robot. If a robot on patrol identifies an anomaly, a security operator can don a VR headset to respond through the robot’s eyes, ears, and body to open doors, provide access control, and pick up objects or even people – safely and efficiently. More info is available here.


Azena highlighted its smart camera platform and application store with more than 100 apps. The smart cameras can simultaneously run multiple AI-enabled apps. Integrators can add or change apps on one or multiple cameras for its customers, using cameras from a number of manufacturers and form factors to build its own custom solutions. The company’s app categories include transportation, stadiums, oil and gas, manufacturing and logistics, healthcare, and retail. More info is available here.


Ontic announced the expansion of its Real-Time Threat Detection solution, which the company said connects the entire threat management landscape and investigation process for Fortune 500 and emerging enterprises, providing a comprehensive picture of the risks that an organization faces. Key features include high-impact weather alerts and categorization connected to workflows that can activate a coordinated response; interactive and layered visualization of critical signals from OSINT, social media, the dark web, and news sources; continuous gathering of real-time and historical data; and customizable alert configurations for active events and known risks to assess threat relevance related to important people and places. More info is available here.


Courtesy: Allegion

Allegion showcased its Overtur cloud-based environment, which allows for the collaboration on the design, construction, and management of door security and openings from anywhere. The company also showcased Schlage NDE and LE mobile wireless locks with Si option. These interoperable solutions can extend access control further into buildings using intelligent wireless locks. The company additionally showcased LCN 6400 COMPACT series operator, a low-energy operator that enables facilities to automate more openings for touchless access and accessible operation. More info is available here.

Hanwha Techwin America

Hanwha Techwin America unveiled two new AI-powered dual-channel multi-sensor cameras with deep-learning-based object detection and classification, and license-free video and audio analytics. The multi-directional cameras can identify multiple objects and can detect and classify people, vehicles, faces, and license plates in real time. The data can be used for forensic searches. Non-interesting motion, like shadows and wind-blown trees, are filtered out of the video. The company also unveiled a new line of cameras and NVRs, which are designed for small- and medium-sized businesses such as retail, restaurants, and commercial applications. More info is available here.


Seagate launched the new SkyHawk AI 20TB HDD, designed for network video recorders enabled with artificial intelligence for edge security applications. The drive will adapt to the scale of the users’ AI environment and support up to 64 HD video streams and 32 AI streams. It will analyze and record video footage while supporting GPU analytics. It also is equipped with SkyHawk Health Management to protect VIA storage by monitoring environmental and usage conditions and recommending preventative actions. More info is available here.

Courtesy: Lockly


Lockly showcased its hardware and software solutions for multi-dwelling buildings, residences, offices, and more. The company showcased its PIN Genie digital touchscreen keypad and biometric fingerprint sensor. The Lockly OS, an all-in-one dashboard, allows users to view and control smart locks remotely. The Air Transfer feature allows 3D fingerprint technology to be used in helping manage security for commercial properties. The company showed the Lockly Guard smart locks for various properties and door styles. Lockly Access Touch can be added to existing deadbolts and fingerprint locks. The Lockly Guard Ingress and Ingress Vision offer smart access control with a doorbell. More info is available here.


EyeLock showcased its NanoAccess access control system. It is a feature-rich solution allowing users to utilize cell phones and smartwatches as secure credentials. It has a “Portable Templates” feature to meet PII and GDPR requirements. The feature places a user’s secure biometric template on a smart card or mobile device. Its software is web-based. More info is available here.


Quantum announced a new platform called the Unified Surveillance Platform, USP, to record and store video surveillance data. It simplifies video recording infrastructure and consolidates the server’s compute, storage, and networking resources into a single unified and scalable system that hosts video management system (VMS) and other common security applications. The company also introduced a new line of Smart Network Video Recording Servers (NVRs). More info is available here.


Vivotek’s new cloud-based Video Surveillance As A Service (VSaaS) integrates deep-learning-based cameras with cloud hosting services. It processes multiple data streams (video, audio, and analytics metadata), issue incident alerts, and platform video searches using metadata. The service is built on cloud architecture, making multi-site surveillance both simple and cost effective. It features AI technology that provides users with real-time detection, warning, and search capabilities. It is accessible via app or web browser. More info is available here.

Eagle Eye Networks

Eagle Eye Networks announced its newly launched Eagle Eye LPR (license plate recognition) and previewed its upcoming Eagle Eye Smart Video Search. Eagle Eye LPR uses AI and Cloud for high accuracy in challenging conditions and operates on any video camera. Eagle Eye Smart Video Search allows users to search for people, vehicles, or objects and immediately find the exact video across all cameras in all sites. More info is available here.


Honeywell showcased the latest upgrades to its security, fire, and life safety products: Pro-Watch 6.0 will provide automated incident workflows to reduce operational costs and enable stronger compliance needed for highly regulated industries; the 35 Series cameras and NVRs will provide an end-to-end encrypted video security solution and are designed for use in systems which comply with NDAA Section 889 Part B; the System Sensor Ceiling Tile AV enables faster installation of audio-visual emergency notification appliances; and the CLSS Pathway offers reliable alarm transmission to central monitoring stations. More information is available here.

Award-Winning Solutions…

The Security Industry Association (SIA) also announced the winners of the 2022 SIA New Products and Solutions Awards, the flagship awards program presented in partnership with ISC West recognizing innovative security products, services, and solutions. For full details, check out the SIA announcement here.