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Angry boss yelling at her employee

Accountability is Key When Combating Bullying

In part 1 of this article, HR Daily Advisor editor Jim Davis spoke with Catherine Mattice-Zundel, a consultant, coach, and trainer about workplace bullying, including where it parallels harassment and what the differences are under the law. Today we’ll look at the importance of accountability as well as some methods for preventing bullying.

Worker standing up to office bully

Is Workplace Bullying Simply a Legal Form of Harassment?

When we think of workplace violence, we far too often think about physical violence, which is the end point in a series of events. This isn’t overly surprising, given the visceral visibility of violent actions. The problem is, when we focus on the physical violence, we tend to forget about the events that either lead […]

Defining Workplace Bullying from a Security Perspective

The concept of workplace bullying gets a lot of coverage these days in both HR and Security publications, blogs, and websites. The problem is hard to define because one employee’s “tough boss” might be another’s “bully boss.” Coworkers can be perceived as bullies as well, by themselves or in groups. To date, no state laws […]