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Does ‘See Something, Say Something’ Really Work?

Right after the events of 9/11, the U.S. government began asking its citizens to help in the War on Terrorism by following a security mantra that is well-known today: “If You See Something, Say Something.” This advisory is designed to assist and support local, state, and federal law enforcement authorities by serving as extra sets […]

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FBI Warns Employers About Phishing E-mails Directed at Payroll

The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) has issued a warning directing employers to be on the alert for e-mail phishing scams that target their online payroll accounts. Cybercriminals are using these e-mails to capture employees’ log-in credentials, the FBI explained in a September 18 public service announcement (I-091818-PSA). Once the cybercriminal obtains an employee’s credentials, […]

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Leave No Trace: How Your Printer Could Be Exposing Your Identity

In 2017, NSA contractor Reality Winner went to great lengths to expose classified documents detailing Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. While Winner’s methods were sound, the journalist who published the piece inadvertently outed her identity by including a scanned copy of the printed documents.

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FBI Sinkholes Domain Allegedly Used by Russians to Infect IoT Devices

Wednesday, May 23, 2018 started and ended with a bang for cybersecurity experts tasked with protecting the Internet of Things (IoT). That morning, researchers from Cisco Talos released a report detailing a recent malware threat that targeted at least 500,000 networking devices globally. According to the researchers the threat, named VPNFilter, had been quietly building […]

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Prison Makes Room for Hacker Who Tried to Bust His Friend Out

In a failed attempt to emulate hacking from 80s movies (see War Games and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), an Ypsilanti, Michigan man will find himself behind bars for a while. In December 2017, Konrad Voits, 27, plead guilty to hacking into the Washtenaw County Jail’s system to change the release date of a friend who […]

Alert Details Russian Cyber Activity Directed at Critical Infrastructure

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a joint alert on March 15. The statement provides details on Russian government actions that targeted not only “U.S. Government entities” but also “organizations in the energy, nuclear, commercial facilities, water, aviation, and critical manufacturing sectors.”

Google Employs a Navy SEAL as Security Director

Continuing a trend seen in many large and multinational corporations based in the United States, Google employs a former U.S. Navy SEAL as its security director. Like other organizations that hire former or retired Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Secret Service field office directors or senior supervisors, Google is taking advantage of the extensive […]

Cybersecurity News You May Have Missed

There’s always something new going on in the world of cybersecurity! We’ve rounded up a few items that you may have missed in the past couple of weeks, from spyware invading apps to new car hacks to FBI recommendations for private businesses.