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shocked man in front of his computer

Microsoft Accidentally Poses the Question: Who Needs Hackers?

Microsoft began shipping its October 2018 Windows 10 Update last week (October 2, to be exact), and for most users, it was supposed to be good news. The update was to rollout using machine learning to detect any potential software/hardware integration problems that could interfere with a quick, painless installation. Despite their massive effort to […]

shocked man in front of his computer

Tech Support Scammers Revive “Download Bomb” Attack for Web Browsers

Back in February 2018 researchers from antivirus software company Malwarebytes reported on a rash of fake browser alerts that directed people to reach out to Microsoft tech support. These alerts contained generic information about various maladies users picked up while browsing (such as ‘a virus’ or ‘spyware’) and provided an error code and a phone […]