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The Need for Vigilance Drills for Security Officers

Police work is often defined as “hours of boredom, interrupted by minutes of terror.” Security officers can face the same dilemma—how to stay vigilant when nothing has gone wrong for days, weeks, or even months—and be ready for a life-threatening event if it does arise.

Do Your Security Officers Know How to Stop Trespassers?

Security officers can get mixed messages from their contract clients, who often approve of posted orders for the site and the post location, and then ask the officers to contradict them. This is common when it comes to access control issues, asking employees, visitors, and vendors for identification or to check in, using previously approved […]

Creating Site Behavioral Standards for Security Officers

Security officers need to be hired for more than just their ability to stand a post. Following directions at the client’s site is certainly important, but officers need to know the limits of their duties, as well as when they should use their initiative, judgment, and intuition, on the client’s behalf.

Verbal Judo Techniques for Security Officers

The “tactical communications” concept known as Verbal Judo was created by the late George Thompson PhD, the founder of the Verbal Judo Institute, and the author of the 1993 book Verbal Judo: The Gentle Art of Persuasion. His techniques for high-risk conversations when people are angry have been taught to police officers, military members, and […]

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The Value of New-Employee Security Orientations

The orientation process for new employees can be like drinking from a fire hose, with a lot of information—and not all of it completely relevant for them—in a short period. The Security department may play a large or small role in this discussion, and it’s critical that the presenters provide consistent, useful information that the […]

Violence Against Nurses Causes Morale, Retention Issues

Hospitals are like small cities, and the violence that plagues our communities mirrors what often goes on in our emergency rooms (ERs). The 24-hour environment is hard to control completely, even with perimeter and access controls, identification (ID) badges and key cards, the use of metal detectors accompanied by armed security, and the constant presence […]

Even Familiar Vendors Need to Follow Access Control Policies

It’s easy for vendors to get overly familiar with their customers and try to bypass security policies related to access control, waiting time, or being in parts of the facility they really don’t need to be. All employees need to be reminded to follow established protocols for vendor interactions.

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Security Assessments Need Action Steps

It’s not enough to conduct a security assessment of your facility without acting on the results. Having the data about security gaps, equipment needs, and policy updates is only half the battle; you’ll often need to convince senior management as to the validity of your report and the need to implement the most critical priorities.

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Researcher Finds Anonymous Social Network Blind Leaking Data

Thousands of employees that didn’t want to take their workplace problems to HR have turned to technology to air their grievances, like that provided by the anonymous social network Blind. Blind is an app-based platform that lets employees from the same company anonymously connect with co-workers to discuss problems at their workplace without fear of […]

Teach Security Officers a G.R.E.A.T. Customer Service Model

People who come in contact with security officers in a compliance or enforcement situation can come away from the encounter angry or confused as to why they had to do certain things in order to move on their way. Security officers can create conflicts or complaints by failing to simply explain what they need to […]