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7 Security Pro Tips for Dealing with Emotionally Confrontational Individuals

Security professionals often deal with emotionally confrontational colleagues from the same or other departments, vendors, and customers. These workers could be upset for a variety of reasons; some might be dealing with the worst days of their lives, while others are just projecting their pent-up anger onto others. Ways of dealing with emotionally confrontational individuals […]

Back to Basics: 5 Types of Uniform Styles for Security Professionals

Back to Basics is an article series highlighting important, but possibly overlooked, information that security professionals should know. Sporting a white short-sleeved shirt, a black tie, and a badge, mall security guard Paul Blart ended up being a hero in the 2009 movie thanks to his quick thinking and evasive actions. His uniform made him […]

Why Healthcare Facilities Need More Public View Monitors

Public view monitors (PVMs) have an integrated camera and display the captured images of visitors. PVMs are typically hung from the ceiling or mounted on the walls at customer entrances and lobby areas. They have been used for years in the retail sector and proven to deter criminal activity. PVMs can help to set the […]