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How Political Campaign Hacking Undermines Democracy

Editor’s note: The views and opinions in the following article are the author’s and may not necessarily reflect those of Total Security Advisor. In a world that is already questioning the integrity of news, truth, and reality, the prevalence of cyberattacks and misinformation campaigns seems to be the final nail in the information coffin. From […]

Report Ranks Top 10 Most Imitated Brands in Phishing Attacks

Social media network LinkedIn became, by far, the most impersonated brand in phishing attempts worldwide during the first quarter of 2022 (Q1’22), according to a new report. In a brand phishing attack, cybercriminals try to imitate the official website of a well-known brand by using a similar domain name or URL and webpage design to […]

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5 Physical Security Controls Your Business Needs

Most conversations about cybersecurity focus entirely on the digital realm. That makes sense. Most cyberattacks are carried out through the Internet. At the same time, neglecting physical security is something you do at your own risk. The most ironclad firewall in the world means little if anyone can simply walk into your server room.