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Access Control Trends to Watch in 2021

The security industry is quickly evolving with the emergence of new technology. As we near the end of 2020, we are seeing new trends that will shape the future of physical security. By identifying access control trends for 2021, we can properly prepare to meet both business and end user needs.

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What Do Security Professionals Need to Know About Touchless Access Control?

Effective managers continually source innovative solutions and implement them. This requires a ready eye and ear for opportunities. Access control is the next opportunity that is almost literally knocking at the door. The access control model pre-COVID is gone­. Smart solutions in touchless access control like mobile access, cloud-based systems, video intercom, and facial recognition […]

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The Evolving Landscape of Mobile Access Credentials

Overall, there has been a growing sentiment for including newer technologies among security professionals looking to upgrade (or completely restructure) their existing access controls. I was recently able to catch up with Terry Gold, founder of D6 Research, and we chatted about the evolution of mobile access credentials, and the current benefits they offer, and […]