Cars in parking lot flooded during Hurricane Harvey

Will You Be Ready When the Next Storm Strikes?

As a security leader,  it’s important to be ready for any emergency, and that includes preparing for weather emergencies. So, when that dreaded alert from the National Weather Service pops up on your computer or phone: “Area Flood Warning” predicting storm activity such as  high winds and heavy, sustained rainfall for your area, will your […]

Depressed businessman distraught on office floor

Workplace Suicide Remains a Disturbing Trend

Security professionals tend to have their fingers on the pulse of their organization, though it’s not always easy to track potential workplace risks when there are few, if any visible red flags. Could you or your security team spot the red flags presented by an employee at your company that was be considering suicide? Would […]

Crushed opiates and pills on floor next to man holidng syringe

Fentanyl Exposure is a Major Concern for First Responders

The ongoing opiate crisis continues to have dramatic impacts on communities across the country, and first responders increasingly find themselves walking into unknown and potentially dangerous situations. The use of synthetic opioids such as fentanyl (and its analogs) as alternatives to or additives in street drugs is one factor elevating that risk. The National Institute […]

New NIOSH Software Focuses on Emergency Responder Health

Talk about timely. With extensive recovery efforts under way across the country, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is offering a new software platform called ERHMS Info Manager®. Its purpose, according to NIOSH, is to track and monitor emergency response and recovery worker activities during all phases of response following a natural […]