When to Evacuate During an Emergency

It’s a security leader’s worst nightmare. Last night, the news covered a possible storm headed your way. Rain and hail were in the forecast, but the strong winds were not. After a tree falls on part of your facility, the power cuts out and dangerous chemicals spill. Now, in the heat of the moment, you […]

A Safe Workplace Is a Recruiting Advantage for Small Businesses

Competition for top talent is tough in today’s marketplace. And with the U.S. unemployment rate hovering at 4%, it can be hard for small companies to find individuals to fill open positions. Now, a new survey of small-business employees finds that the safety of the work environment was among top factors for employees considering a […]

The office bully

The Negative Effects of Not Preventing Workplace Violence

Every year, nearly 2 million American workers report that they are victims of workplace violence, according to research from OSHA. That number obviously doesn’t include the numerous unreported instances of workplace violence, which fall through the cracks due to a lack of preventive measures, policies, or mandated workplace violence training programs.

Security Officer in PPE

Do Your Security Officers Require Range Training Prior to Issuing PPE?

Every company wants to ensure the security of their employees, and reaching that goal requires properly equipped and trained security staff. Depending on the type of work your security teams does, this could require wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), such as body armor. A question came in to our experts at Safety.BLR.com regarding the […]

Nurses Face Many On-the-Job Risks

It’s ironic but true. Health care is one of the most dangerous professions in this country. It’s also one of the largest, employing 18 million people and growing. Hospital workers experience about twice as many job-related illnesses and injuries as private industry workers.

Mounted Security camera

Security Cameras Capture the Darndest Things

A properly functioning security system is all but required in this day and age. They’re always on, ready to record any threats to your workforce, property, or other essential organizational assets. Sometimes, though, they are there to witness the best (or worst) of humanity’s “hold my beer” moments. All you need to do is head […]

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Action Items from OSHA Report Frame General Duty Workplace Compliance

OSHA’s Recommended Practices for Safety and Health Programs, first published in 1988 and updated in October 2016 is one of the agency’s most popular guidance publications.  In the 2016 revision, OSHA stated that much had changed over the preceding 28 years in the nature of work, conditions in the workplace, employees themselves, and how employers […]