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Fishing hook through Enter Key

Beware of Phishing Attacks—Actionable Advice to Protect Your Company’s Data

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold, we are all being forced to adjust our new daily routines, and this includes cybercriminals. Since the start of the crisis, security teams are reporting an overall rise in all types of cyberattacks, ranging from phishing, account takeovers, and even activating long-dormant ransomware attacks. Keeping in mind that […]

email compromise phishing concept

Preventing Business E-mail Compromise

Providing cybersecurity for an organization is challenging enough for IT professionals even when threats are understood. It gets more difficult if an employee is asked to do something that’s harmful for the company without realizing the source of the request is a cybercriminal. Business e-mail compromise (BEC) is an example of such a threat. Prevention […]

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Reminder: Not All Phishing is High Tech

Security professionals have to prepare their organizations for any number of threats, both physical and cyber. As such, it’s imperative to create a comprehensive map of your business’s attack surface, and develop strategies that protect your assets, including people, infrastructure, and data. But with attention-grabbing headlines focusing on major security issues (active shooters, ransomware) it’s […]