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Defining Workplace Bullying from a Security Perspective

The concept of workplace bullying gets a lot of coverage these days in both HR and Security publications, blogs, and websites. The problem is hard to define because one employee’s “tough boss” might be another’s “bully boss.” Coworkers can be perceived as bullies as well, by themselves or in groups. To date, no state laws […]

Investigating Workplace Stalking Cases

All 50 states have criminal laws that make stalking a felony. Most HR or security professionals typically see stalking as an event that most often affects employees off the job, usually involving ex-partners or former spouses. But some cases can originate in the workplace and can become quite terrifying for victim-employees.

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Hackers Target Port Facilities in Ransomware Attacks

As September drew to a close, international shipping ports in Barcelona, Spain and San Diego, California fell victim to ransomware attacks. These follow a successful attack on the China Ocean Shipping Company terminal at the Port of Long Beach this past July. This cluster of attacks should serve as a warning to the industry as […]

New Responses to Church Security

Earlier this week, a mass shooting occurred at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, resulting in the deaths of at least 27 people, including the shooter. Such tragic events highlight a unique issue in facility security—how can an institution that is meant to be open and welcoming balance its message with its security needs?