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Are the Robotics in your Manufacturing Infrastructure Properly Protected?

More manufacturers than ever before are turning to automation, whether to combat rising production costs or increase productivity. Modern automation systems operate on Operational Technology (OT) networks, comprised of industrial control (ICS) and supervisory control and data acquisitions systems (SCADA). These systems are designed to operate in conjunction with each other and are quite sensitive […]

IP Address Hacking

Google Chrome Now Labels HTTP Pages as Not Secure

This week, the most widely used browser in the world got a sorely needed upgrade. As of July 24, 2018, users who have updated to version 68 of Chrome will now see sites using the unencrypted hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) marked as not secure by default. This is an important step, and one that most […]

Software Patch

How Microsoft Determines Which Bugs it Will Patch

Ever since the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities were made public in January 2018, it seems like there’s been a more critical eye tracking Microsoft’s patch releases. These updates are typically pushed on the second Tuesday of every month, consisting of fixes for vulnerabilities discovered over the previous 30 days. That is, unless there’s a serious […]

Researchers Identify New Point of Sale Malware

With the overall decline in cash transactions in recent years, maintaining a secure point of sale (POS) system is increasingly important for building a solid reputation. However, as system security improves, malicious actors will continue to develop new ways to circumvent these protections.