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The Need for Tighter Hospital Visitor Policies

In decades past, hospitals had strict and enforced visiting hours policies, where even direct family members had to leave their loved ones’ bedsides at a specific time. Today, that concept doesn’t exist at most hospitals, but perhaps it should.

Handling a Media Interview as a Security Expert

If you’re a security professional with your own consulting or security equipment firm, you may be called on by the news media to give them a quote. It could be for a story from one of your hometown TV stations, the local radio station, or newspaper, or even a national cable news outlet. You could […]

TSA Still Not Finding Guns and Bomb Parts in Training

In what sounds like a chilling repeat of reports from years past, recent Department of Homeland Security (DHS) inspection audits of its Transportation Security Administration (TSA) interdiction functions at our nation’s airports suggest TSA agents at the X-ray stations are still not discovering all of the test guns and bomb parts being sent through.

Are DIY Home Security Systems a Threat to the Major Players?

The continued emergence of low-cost, user-friendly, and self-installed home security systems is making it easier for consumers to steer away from the larger, established firms. Companies like Ring.com and Simplisafe.com have made it easier for homeowners and apartment renters to install high-definition camera systems and alarm systems and get the benefits of active security monitoring, […]